Portal Gate’s KYC Process

3 min readMay 11, 2023

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that allows users to verify their identity before they begin trading anonymously on Portal Gate. While current blockchain networks do not need to be KYC compliant, Portal Gate is committed to implementing this process for users to gain access to on-chain privacy in a compliant manner.


Before using its services, users must complete a zero-knowledge verification process through Portal Gate’s integrated service provider, Keyring. Keyring will provide access to third-party compliance providers, ShuftiPro & ComplyCube, who will then prompt users to upload their necessary documentation.

These compliance partners will then verify the documents of the Portal Gate user. Static checks will allow the confirmation of individuals’ identities, while dynamic checks will allow the system to assess the risk this party poses, which may prompt further static checks or may result in refusal from the service. Once the user is verified, Keyring will utilise a zero-knowledge compliance oracle that will only inform Portal Gate of this fact — and not any other information, meaning that users can confirm their identity without compromising their privacy on-chain.

Users will be able to select between the following compliance partner:


ShuftiPro is a London-based platform working with businesses all around the globe. It uses a blend of AI (artificial intelligence) and HI (human intelligence) to verify a user’s identity and comply with KYC processes. Users will be prompted to upload between a variety of verification options. This process can analyse documents in multiple languages.

ShuftiPro’s AI system will then analyse the uploads, assessing whether the user’s documentation is compliant. It will check for missing holograms, photoshop edits, or other forms of tampering.

The steps to verify through ShuftiPro are as follows:

  1. Select your preferred language & provide verification consent.
  2. Select the document of choice (passport or National ID).
  3. Take a photo, record or upload the file.
  4. ShuftiPro processes your document.
  5. Verification complete.


Similarly, ComplyCube is a trusted global provider of KYC compliance. Much like ShuftiPro, ComplyCube also requires its users to upload their choice of documentation, which it will use for its analytical process. It will furthermore confirm that the ID provided is valid through the use of AI, checking that it has not been compromised, expired, blacklisted or more. The user’s details such as their name, date of birth and more will be automatically extracted and checked against government and credit bureaus to prevent fraud, and ComplyCube’s proprietary algorithm will confirm that, even if the user’s name has been altered, it can be connected to the correct person.

The steps to verify through ComplyCube are as follows:

  1. Accept Terms of Service.
  2. Select the document of choice (Passport, Driving License, National ID, or Residence Permit).
  3. Take a photo or upload the file.
  4. ComplyCube processes your document.
  5. Verification complete.

We at Portal Gate strive to allow our customers to provide a privacy-centric DeFi stack. By confirming their identity through one of Keyring’s compliance providers, Portal Gate’s users are granted privacy & can transact with ease knowing that they are compliant.

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