Dev Updates: May 2023

2 min readMay 31, 2023

Welcome to our very first monthly Dev Update at Portal Gate! We are thrilled to share the latest project developments with our valued community members and uphold our commitment to open communication.

Every month, we will provide a summary of developer updates, so you can stay informed about our progress and the most recent advancements happening behind the scenes. Join our Discord community to engage directly with us, ask questions, and share any suggestions!

Summary: May Dev Updates


  • Frontend V2 integration with a zk-based compliance oracle.
  • KycEth, KycTokens smart contracts design and implementation.
  • Portal Gate core contracts V2 development, added deployments scripts and tests.
  • Portal Gate core contracts V1 development added the core logic and code structure.
  • Reached out to various third party auditors to plan for future audits.
  • Dev sync with a zk-based compliance oracle team regarding gasless kyc attestation.


  • Added Zapper contracts to do 1 click token wrap, transfer, and deposit.
  • Major frontend refresh — finished Deposit UI functions. Working on Withdrawal now.
  • Added more tests and deployment scripts.
  • Reached out to +10 different auditing companies for quotation and timeline.
  • Integration with a zk-based compliance oracle widget. However, there are still some issues, so need to wait for their stable widget to be released.
  • Issued 2 pools (0.1 kycETH and 100 kycUSDT) and integrated them with the current UI.
  • Integration with zapper contract (our simplified version of deposit and wrap token) with V2.
  • Polish V2 UI.

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